Monday, October 09, 2006

Government to pay prisoners to leave prisons

As well as allowing prisoners to escape to ease overcrowding our government have thought of another way to ease the load on the prisons.

They are going to pay foreign criminals £2,500 to get out. Isn’t that nice, Rewarding people for committing crimes. Why not give them a free plane ticket too? Oh, you have? Well what about kissing their arses as they leave? You have done that too?

Why don’t they just shove them out and deal with the consequences later if there is any? If there is just get out of the European Convention on Human Rights and tell them where to shove it.


BFB said...

I thought I'd seen it all but this takes the biscuit. Notice how the mass media have avoided blaming the huge number of foreigners in our prisons for the crisis.

youdontknowme said...

I know its ridiculous.

Someone should pay and I hope when the BNP get in power they arrest all the politicians in power at the moment for treason.

BFB said...

It's more than treason, it's virtual genocide..B.Liar is no better than Stalin or Hitler, I only hope future historians have the balls to record this shameful episode in our history.

BFB said...

PS: I've no doubt Nick and co will take great pleasure in punishing their tormentors...I for one am looking forward to it...(-:

blueboy said...

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