Tuesday, October 17, 2006

3 years and a big difference

This is an article by Denis MacShane is Labour MP for Rotherham and worked at the Foreign Office as PPS and minister, 1997-2005.

His hypocrisy is astounding. Here’s what he says today:

At long last, the debate on Islamism as politics, not Islam as religion, is out in the open. Two weeks ago, Jack Straw might have felt he was taking a risk when publishing his now notorious article on the Muslim veil. However, he was pushing at an open door. From across the political spectrum there is now common consent that the old multicultural emperor, before whom generation of politicians have made obeisance, is now a pitiful, naked sight.

Here is what he said in a speech 3 years ago:

It is a crucial time to be active in tackling racism and xenophobia. Europe has seen a rise in support for far right political parties and the spread of Islamophobia across Europe, so being active and engaging with ethnic communities across Europe is as important now as ever before.

Mr MacShane, Why are you jumping on the bandwagon and saying things we know that you don’t mean. 3 years ago you never wanted a debate. You did everything you could to halt any debate on Islam. Is it because your political neck is on the line which you are now coming out and saying you want a debate? Are you running scared of the BNP who could capture your ground?

You’re also rubbishing immigration but 3 years ago you loved it:

Britain today draws strength and vitality from the diversity of its society. Over the past thirty years, we have grown as a nation through the contribution our ethnic minority communities make to our culture, politics and economic prosperity. My friends and colleagues in Sheffield, Rotherham and South Yorkshire are active in promoting inclusion by encouraging community regeneration projects, a multi-agency approach to racial incidents and alliances between ethnic minority communities. I hope that these ideas and experiences can be spread into and throughout Europe in the future.

Which is it? Do you support multiculturalism or not? What made you change your mind?

He sounds like he card carrying multiculturalist but he has suddenly changed his mind? Can Labour MPs actually tell the truth without it being shown for everyone to see? Probably not.

(Hat tip Ranting Stan)

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