Friday, October 20, 2006

Britannia rules the waves... but for how long?

The EU has been accused of a 'sinister' plan to abolish the sovereignty of Britain's territorial waters.

In what critics said would mean Brussels, rather than Britannia, ruling the waves, it emerged the EU is proposing a new 'common maritime space'.

Extraordinarily, sailing by ferry between Britain and the Continent would no longer be considered a trip abroad but a 'national' journey between two sectors of the European Union.

As part of the latest shake-up, plans have also been drawn up for an EU coastguard.

The shipping industry is concerned the commission will subsequently attempt to protect its maritime space by restricting journeys made by ships which do not fly the EU flag.

Under the Brussels plan for a borderless 'common European maritime space', a ferry crossing from Dover to Calais will be classed as a domestic voyage because at no time will the vessel leave EU waters.

Our MPs will make sounds that they won’t let this happen but you can guarantee it will happen if the EU pushes it forward. I doubt we could even veto a policy like this – don’t hold me on that the though. I could be wrong. Even if we can veto it you can guarantee that our leaders will betray us like they have done since Heath.

The EU is the biggest threat to freedom since Hitler. It must be resisted or we will cease to be a nation forever.

We don’t need common maritime space for whatever reason even if it is to make trading easier. How much easier can it be? We also don’t need a European coastguard. Our own works adequately and I don’t see how it could get any better if the EU had their way.

So I have a message for Brussels:


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