Thursday, October 12, 2006

Early release led to over 1,000 crimes

More than 1,000 violent crimes including a murder and four manslaughters have been carried out by tagged offenders released early from prison, a report from MPs said on Thursday.

It listed 1,021 serious offences committed by released inmates in the five years since the home curfew scheme started. Among them were 562 assaults.

These are people the government have deemed to be low risk to the country (but they commit violent crimes including murder) so it stands to reason that those left it prison present a big risk to the public. If that is true why is the home secretary willing to risk escape by putting prisoners in open jails? If those ‘safe’ criminals commit crimes what will the ‘unsafe’ ones do when they escape?

It’s time we paid foreign countries to take our prisoners off us and put them to work doing hard labour for the country they are in. This will benefit the development of the country a lot. They will have cheap labour to work on projects that may otherwise cost a lot and they will have the funds to help their people without going into debt.

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