Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Christians blamed for muslim homo bashers

The Gay Police Association has made an anti Christian advert demonising Christians after a 74% increase in homo bashing crimes where the criminal carried the attack out for religious reasons. What the ad didn’t mention was the fact that a quarter of the alleged incidents were provoked by Muslims even though Muslims only make up 2.7% of the population according to the 2001 census.

Why wasn’t attention in the advert focused on the disproportionate number of attacks committed by Muslims? Why go for Christians instead? Could it be because everyone would be up in arms about it and that Christians are now an easy target because no one will complain?

(Hat tip Little Green Footballs)


alanorei said...

Elements within the police are definitely conducting a campaign of persecution against professing Christians.

See these sites:

Christian Institute

Page 4

Christian Voice


The situation is becoming like that in Nazi Germany, where 90% of the leading Nazis were sodomites, thugs and drunks. See The Pink Swastika by Lively and Abrams, ISBN 0-9647609-7-5

However the good news is that complaints against the GPA have been upheld.

BFB said...

Not only were the complaints upheld, the GPA were strongly criticized for not supplying any evidence for their claim that homophobic crimes have risen by 74 pc.

You'd think the police would get that right!

Just goes to show that gay cops are more concerned about promoting their sexuality than accurately recording and dealing with crime figures.

alanorei said...


A sex pervert's mind is on sex perversion, above all. They are like dopeheads, porn-addicts and alcoholics in that sense.

(Those vices often go together. The first-ever recorded act of sodomy involved drunkenness, Genesis 9.)

youdontknowme said...

Thanks for the links Alan