Thursday, October 19, 2006

Brown lies to businessmen

The Chancellor has promised to cut the amount of regulatory red tape imposed on British companies by a quarter. In a pledge ahead of today's financial services summit at No 11 Downing Street, Gordon Brown argued he wants to free British companies from red tape.

Oh really Mr Brown? I assume you are aware that most of that regulation comes from the EU? Are you simply bullshitting or are we going to leave the EU if you get into power? I call BS.

Labour are so used to lying to this country that they can’t stop anymore even though they know that we know that they are lying. Labour, especially Brown is a bunch of pathological liars. They just can’t stop themselves.


alanorei said...

Excellent point re the EU.

This is what Adrian Hilton said, in 1997, in his definitive work on the EU, entitled The Principality and Power of Europe ISBN 0-9518386-2-8

“Members of Parliament have given away to Brussels what was never theirs to part with…The Maastricht Treaty confirms European bureaucratic supremacy over more than 70 policy areas, including taxation, monetary policy, education, immigration, judicial policy, health and safety, industrial policy, competition, regional policies, overseas aid, energy, and consumer affairs. It further commits the UK to the first two stages of monetary union. It does not take much to see that there is little else for the British Parliament to legislate on.”

It comes as no surprise to learn that Hilton, who was the Tory candidate for Slough, got ousted last year. This is from The Times, March 2005.

“Sheila Gunn, a former Times journalist who served as a press secretary to John Major…has been imposed as the new Tory candidate for [Slough]. Mr Hilton was ousted this month after party officials were alerted to an article that he wrote in 2003, which described the European Union as a Roman Catholic conspiracy* and suggested that Mr Major’s signing of the Maastricht Treaty had been an act of treason**.”

*Which it is.

**Which it was.

The time may come when outspoken individuals like Hilton may face 7 years' gaol for 'hate speech.'

(Oh, sorry, silly me. The time IS here.)

youdontknowme said...

It is treason and I hope one day they hang for their crimes. British children of the future should learn about the crimes committed by our own leaders so it can never happen again.

Children of the future will know Blair as a traitor. He was looking for a legacy. He has already got it.

I can see 'Heath' being just another word for traitor in the future like 'quisling' is now.