Monday, October 16, 2006

Police dogs to be muzzled

If you were a criminal would you be afraid of a snarling police dog running for you? You would? What about a muzzled ninja head butting dog? Possibly… well probably. Take out the ninja bit and you have the police dog of the future. A head butting muzzled dog to catch criminals. Yes I laughed when I heard it too.

Apparently it’s a good idea because it’s effective. What Mr Wolfendale doesn’t realise that an offender will probably instantly stop when they see that a snarling police dog is coming to rip their arms off. They will just keep running and take the blows by the nutting dog if they are strong. Infact I would think the dog is more likely to be hurt by constantly head butting people. They would probably have brain damage after a few weeks.

I wonder if police dogs can go on strike? It’s time to stop worrying about the health of the criminal and focus on the health of the victim.


BFB said...

Already got this story on PoliceWatch UK. Why don't they just teach the dogs to use a lassoo and a pair of handcuffs, no injuries at all then.

What's next, teaching them to read a suspect their rights.

You couldn't make it up!

youdontknowme said...

Sometimes I wish they did make things like this up just so this country wouldn't be so terrible.