Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Warning: Immigrants pose health risk

World health officials warn tuberculosis has come back in a new, more deadly form to pose the disease's greatest threat to Europe since the Second World War.

Evidence has also emerged that incidences of TB have increased in London every year for over a decade.

However, of greater concern to scientists is the discovery of drug-resistant strains of the disease which are understood to be lurking just beyond the European Union's borders, in countries where Aids blossomed following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

He said the TB cases in London had been increasing every year for almost 10 years. In some London areas with many immigrants, rates are as high as 100 per 100,000.

Ah… isn’t diversity brilliant? It has enriched our culture and given us pizzas, Indian food and a super TB.

I just love immigrants. They are all warm and cuddly. I am only joking in case you didn’t know. They are disease ridden people who should never be allowed into this country.

With all these immigrants posing a health risk to this country are they putting a strain on the NHS? Probably, but Blair will never tell us.

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