Thursday, October 05, 2006

Our heroes deserve better

These guys are heros. They are the most courageous Brits in Afghanistan:

With the Taliban closer than 50 yards, Rifleman Nabin Rai, 20, manning a heavy machinegun on the roof, had several rounds ricochet off his weapon before a bullet went through the gunsight and hit him in the face.

"His commander called for him to be medi-vacced out, but he refused to come down from the roof," said Major Rex. "Later he was again hit, this time in the helmet. He sat down and had a cigarette, then went back to his position."

How heroic and yet how sad at the same time. It’s sad because this man is injured so guess where he will be sent? Heroes like him will be sent to the NHS where they will be accosted by anyone with a grudge against the British military.

Our troops deserve better, much better.

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