Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Clowning lessons for refugees

Young asylum seekers and refugees are to be given free clowning lessons at taxpayers' expense to help them adapt to life in Britain, it emerged.

The youngsters aged 12 to 25 will learn slapstick routines, how to tumble, silly walks and how to fall over during a course of nine theatre workshops.

Being taught to be a clown? Why would they want to be like Blair?

I don’t see how this would make them adapt to life in Britain unless they think we are all clowns? Well our regime seems to think we are clowns. They laugh at us all the time.

If the asylum seekers really want to fit in they should be mugged by other asylum seekers. They would fit right in then and if they actually didn’t know how to fall over it would sure show them how to.

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