Monday, October 16, 2006

The intifada continues

Remember 11 days ago when I showed that Muslims are waging an intifada against police in France? I can hardly believe it was only 11 days ago when I posted it.

It’s still happening.

Police had to use their firearms to escape from a gang of youths who allegedly ambushed and stoned a police car in a suburb north of Paris at the weekend - the fourth incident of its kind in recent weeks. One policeman was seriously injured by stones hurled by youths. His two colleagues fired their weapons over the heads of gang members in a housing estate in the normally calm suburb of Epinay-sur-Seine. Their patrol car was trapped when a driverless vehicle was rolled behind it by a group of up to 50 youths, according to police.

Come on Frenchies I know that the stereotypical Frenchman is a white flag waving pants pisser but why would you fire above their heads? Why not at their heads? I am sure those youths would get the message then or atleast be a bit more scared.

Atleast there will soon be elections in France where the Front Nationale may win. When they do you can forget about that happening again.

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