Monday, October 16, 2006

Stoning adulterers to be allowed soon?

magistrates have adjourned an indecent assault case against a Polish immigrant on, wait for it, cultural grounds. Thomasz Stepniowski, aged 24, is accused of groping four women, ranging in age from a girl of 15 to a woman in her mid-40s. He fondled the breasts of three of them and pinched another on the bottom.

The court was told by his defending solicitor that groping a woman you don't know is perfectly acceptable in Stepniowski's native Poland. This novel defence emerged when a female interpreter hired to translate the proceedings said she was 'outraged' that the case had even come to court.

Instead of telling the woman that she was not there to testify, the magistrates - no doubt mindful of their diversity training and ever alert to the dangers of inflaming ethnic sensibilities - agreed to postpone the hearing until an expert on Polish sexual etiquette can be brought to court to give evidence.

So now we are sentencing in favour of multiculturalism? When did we start allowing people to stone adulterers to death? I can’t quite remember when that happened. Can anyone remind me?

The Pole should obey the law of our land and we should not change for Poles. If they want to go grope women they have never met they should head to Poland. If I was in Poland I would obey their law. I wouldn’t try to change it to fit with what I am used to. It’s time Mr Stepniowski did the same and as for that interpreter she should shut the fuck up and do her job which is translate. She was never asked her opinion and I don’t quite know who wants it.

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