Monday, October 16, 2006

Fighting extremism in all forms

Apparently we should be fighting extremism in all its forms, well according to Ruth Kelly anyway.

She told representatives from 20 councils and senior police officers at the meeting: "This is not just a problem for Muslim communities.

"The far right is still with us, still poisonous, still trying to create and exploit divisions.

Oh really Miss (Mrs?) Kelly? When did the far right become militant in this country? When did they start blowing themselves up and calling for the deaths of those that didn’t agree with them? When did they start beheading anyone?

Are there any far right groups out there dedicated to Sharia-law like practice?

So Miss Kelly, now you are prepared to give funding to Muslim groups for fighting extremism? Will you be giving funding to far right groups to help fight far right poison? Could it be because you are bullshitting and you actually recognise that it is Islam that is the threat and not these far right groups?

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