Thursday, October 05, 2006

1 million more immigrants coming soon!

Hundreds of thousands of migrants from Moldova, Europe's poorest country, have secured a backdoor route allowing them to flood into Britain, it has emerged.

More than 300,000 Moldovans have taken advantage of a special arrangement which allows them a Romanian passport.

And, once Romania joins the EU on January 1 next year, the Moldovans will have the exact same rights of free entry to Britain as their neighbours.

Experts had already estimated 600,000 Romanian and Bulgarians may flood into the UK in search of work. The Moldovans could now push that figure closer to one million.

Yesterday, official figures revealed the number of foreign workers in Britain is now 1.5 million, an increase of five per cent on a year ago. The rise is mainly down to the influx of eastern Europeans.

The Office for National Statistics said last year probably saw the biggest ever entry of foreign workers to this country.

1 million more immigrants are coming here. We already have 1.5 million here so when they arrive we will have 2.5 million legal immigrants here. This does not include the 500,000 estimated ILLEGAL immigrants that are already here. This would push it to 3 million and that’s just an estimate!

As of last month our population was said to be 60 million. This will mean that 5% of our population are foreign and that’s still just an estimate!

Can we really cope with another wave of immigrants? Our political masters don’t care so what are you going to do about it? I will be voting BNP.

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