Thursday, October 19, 2006

Unemployment and immigration

There are 1.5 million foreign workers in this country. This doesn’t include illegal immigrants

There are 1.7 million unemployed Brits in this country.

If we didn’t let any of the 1.5 million foreigners in we could have given those jobs to Brits and then there would be only 200,000 unemployed. There would be even less than that if there was no illegal immigrants.

If we say we have a labour force (adults) of 40 million. This would mean we would have an unemployment rate of 0.5%. When has it ever been that low?

We don’t need immigrants to do the jobs in Britain. There are no jobs Brits won’t do for the right amount of money. Why should Brits be made to work like slaves just so they can keep up with Eastern Europeans that are only working to make the rich richer?


BritNat said...

Agree with most of what you say there.

However, it's not always the case that one more immigrant worker means one less British worker. This is because some immigrants create jobs by, for example, starting businesses which employ British workers, or buying British goods which keeps British businesses running, etc. However, it's true that immigrants take up far more jobs than they create, so while (in my opinion) it wouldn't be as low as 200,000, it might be around 500,000. But apart from that, I agree with you.

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youdontknowme said...

it is very few of them that create jobs. I don't think it would be as high as 500,000. There aren't that many entrepreneurs in our eastern europeans immigrants. if there was they would stay at home and get money by creating business opportunities there.

Thanks. I knew that wasn't your blog anymore but I am a lazy bastard when it comes to deleting stuff. lol