Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jobless figure worst for 6 years

Unemployment jumped by 45,000 to its worst level for six years, even though more people are in work, new figures reveal.

A total of 1.7 million people were out of work in the three months to August, a quarter of a million more than a year ago.

The only reason more people are in work is because our population has exploded. The only people in work are the Eastern Europeans. Wages of British people are being undermined because the owners of businesses are importing MILLIONS of cheap labourers to work for them. British people cannot work for such low wages. Why would any Brit work for minimum wage for 60 hours per week? I can understand why Eastern Europeans do. There are many reasons. Here are just 2:

  1. Minimum wage in Poland is less than 25% of what it is here. Minimum wage in Bulgaria is less than 10% of what it is here. So what they earn here is a fortune in their own country. Would you work for £55 per hour 60 hours per week? Within 1 month you would have earned more than your average yearly wage. Isn’t that good especially if there is a possibility that you may earn slightly more than the minimum wage?

  1. Many poles and Eastern Europeans tend to live together when they reach Britain, sometimes 10 to a house. They can then share the bills which aren’t much if it is shared between lots of workers but it is a lot if you live with your family and have children who aren’t yet old enough to work.

(Hat tip Battle For Britain)


Anonymous said...

Our unemployment figures are among the lowest in the EU - but we actually have around 5 million people of working age who do not work. We used to call them "unemployed" and include them in the unemployment figures - now we call them "disabled" or "incapacitated" and don't count them in the unemplyment figures.

Funnily enough, we have more "disabled" or "incapacitated" people than any other EU nation. I wonder why that is?

Maybe it has something to do with getting more welfare benefits if you claim to be disabled or incapacitated than you can if you actually are just out of work.

And you get to sit around watching daytime telly all day instead of having to get off your arse and look for a job.

youdontknowme said...

The poor aren't going to look for jobs if their wages are being undercut by immigrants. Why work as a slave so a big businessman can get rich over it? Businessmen aren't loyal to brits so why should we be loyal to them?