Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Army renting helicopters

A few days ago I showed Blair was lying when he said that he would send more equipment to Afghanistan. I said he was lying because apparently it was a well known fact that all the helicopters were on training missions.

Sneaky Blair has managed to get around this by hiring renting helicopters from private companies. Good save Mr Blair.

What does it say about the military of a first world country when they can’t even come up with a few helicopters unless they rent them? It’s an absolute disgrace. We are probably the laughing stock of the world.


BFB said...

Ydkm says:We are probably. the laughing stock of the world.

I think the word you're looking for is 'definitely'...and everyone knows 'helicopters' are fictitional, they only exist in Wonderland...standards are slipping ydkm,...get a grip, man.

Anonymous said...

Helicopters in Afghanistan, pixies, giants and Blair telling the truth are all fairy tales aren't they?