Monday, June 11, 2007

MPs take taxpayer funded holidays

MPs are enjoying taxpayer-funded "mini-breaks" to European capitals accompanied by their spouses in an extraordinary Commons expenses scam.

The Mail on Sunday can today reveal how politicians exploit a loophole that allows them to take foreign excursions anywhere in the European Union – and then claim back the costs from Westminster authorities.

Using an obscure rule introduced in the late Nineties, MPs are allowed to make up to three trips each year to mainland Europe to learn about the inner workings of the EU.

But the system is now open to widespread abuse, as politicians use official meetings lasting only a few minutes to justify the cost and reason behind their visit.

Two former MPs have now blown the whistle on the abuse, where MPs are reimbursed for club-class return air fares and "subsistence" costs of up to £200 a day.

One ex-Labour backbencher, who asked not be named, said: "It was normal practice. I went to Cyprus and of course everyone went to Malta to chase the sun."

Now we know why a lot of our MPs want to stay in the EU – it’s because they have an excuse to take a mini break in Europe at our expense. I expect if these self serving bastards lost these perks a lot of them would suddenly be against the EU.

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alanorei said...

Yes, EU sympathisers.

The more they are paid, the more they sympathise.

I agree it will work in reverse - another reason they hate the BNP.