Tuesday, June 12, 2007

8000 sex offenders given cautions

Almost 8,000 sex offenders including 234 rapists have been let off with a caution over the past five years, it has emerged.

The criminals allowed to walk free with a slap on the wrist also included 1,678 who committed offences against children.

Alarmingly, 350 of the victims were under the age of 13.

The figures, which showed a total of 7,941 sex offenders received a caution over the past five years, were revealed in a survey carried out using Freedom of Information legislation. They provoked outrage from victim support groups and opposition MPs.

I thought Labour was going to be tough on crime? It seems that they are the exact opposite. Sex offenders should face justice and cautions are not justice.

It’s time we got rid of Labour and get a government that will actually put people first instead of scumbags who commit these crimes.


alanorei said...

Nulab: Tough on crime, tough on the victims of crime.

Michelle said...

I was outraged when I saw a picture of a man in my neighborhood on this website
I had done a registered sex offernder search. It seems to be these perverts should be put away for the rest of their life seeing as their victims will be broken for the rest of theirs.