Sunday, June 17, 2007

Special team for honour killings

Dedicated teams of senior prosecutors are to be deployed in the
UK's honour killing hotspots in the wake of the failings exposed this week by the case of a young Kurdish woman murdered by her family.

The prosecutors, who have all had experience of complex organised crime cases, will start work this month as part of an overhaul of how cases are handled. The move is designed to boost conviction rates and improve protection for victims.

The fact that they need a special team for this type of crime means that it is happening a lot. Don’t ya just love multiculturalism? Just think if there was no such thing as multiculturalism we wouldn’t have this type of crime.

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alanorei said...

This is certainly the true face of 'multi-ethnicity,' and of Islam in particular.

Notice how prone they are to 'Apartheid.' The victim was killed just for having a boyfriend from another tribe, not another race.

Certainly the police and the MSM are tight-lipped about the true number of these killings, which speaks volumes.