Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blogpower vote ends tomorrow

At 7pm tomorrow the Blogpower polls close. The amount of times you can vote has been changed from once per day to any time your computer allows so you can vote once per second if your computer allows.

Let’s see how I am doing…

In the Award for services to blogging I have 47 votes, up from 35 two days ago. The leader has 142 votes.

In the Most Politically Incorrect Blog category I have 44 votes, up from 35 two days ago. The leader has 197 votes.

In the Most Under-rated Blog category I have 42 votes, up from 24 two days ago. The leader has 137 votes.

In the Best Little Blogger category I have 36 votes, up from 20 two days ago. The leader has 202 votes.

In the Best Blogpower Blog I have 54 votes, up from 38 two days ago. The leader has 112 votes.

As you can see I have no chance of winning any of them. Anyone concerned will be welcome to attend the funerals of Rudolph, Steve, Blitzen, Prancer and Santa and pay their respects on Father’s day are welcome to attend. I won’t tell you where the funeral is though.

Don’t worry. The elves are busily looking for a locum Santa so I have not spoiled Christmas. I have stolen Santa’s list so a new one will have to be made. You can all be naughty until a new Santa is employed. I hear that it could be tough for him. The Lapland Elves Union is considering taking industrial action over a pay dispute. Apparently they have not been given a raise in over 200 years.

Do you want to be Santa? Please read the following job advert that was found in the Lapland Times and see if you could be Santa:

Must be flexible, hardworking and able to work effectively with a busy team and have proven experience of working towards major deadlines and supervising difficult employees who may have alcohol abuse problems. Job also includes a lot of administration work including answering letters and keeping lists which must be checked twice.

Once a year you will be responsible for delivering presents around the world so experience in handling reindeers is desirable as well as experience in delivery. Experience is not essential as training will be given to the right candidate.

The ideal candidate will have ICT knowledge especially in Microsoft word and Excel as the organisation will be updating their lists which will be held on computers instead of paper. The ideal candidate will also have a joyful personality and be able to work towards deadlines

Interested parties are asked to email Father Christmas Human Resources on Humanresources@Santasworkshop.com for an application form. For an informal discussion email Andyla, District Manager at Andyla@Santasworkshop.com


james higham said...

How have your site stats been the last few days though, Wayne?

As for winning - well, it's a relevant term.

As for the voting "changing", it never changed - it was always every 10 IPs, not twice a second. This was stated in the first post on the voting but people didn't bother reading what I wrote.

james higham said...

Sorry - meant "relative term".

youdontknowme said...

My site hits have doubled

Ruthie said...

Sorry to hear about poor Santa. What a shame.

youdontknowme said...

Don't worry. They are holding interviews for another.

Not Saussure said...

Can't fool me. They don't advertise for Father Christmases-- there's a very informative video about hunting and training feral Santas in Northen Lapland on YouTube.

youdontknowme said...

Normally they wouldn't but there is a shortage of applicants