Friday, June 01, 2007

May 2007 monthly roundup

Immigration was again in the news last month when we found it was contributing to a surge in gang violence. No wonder Asian gangs are fighting it out on some estates. Asians aren’t the only ones committing crimes though. Romanians have got into the swing of things and have started their own little crime wave and Romanian children have been turning up in Britain and causing a financial crisis for some councils. It’s not surprising that all this is happening especially when 50,000 Eastern Europeans are coming here a month.

We are not going to be able to deal with this wave of gang violence if our estimates of the number of immigrants are way off. We really should know more. I wonder if the estimated 4000 terrorists in this country is also an underestimate?

Whites were again found to be discriminated against when we found that ethnic minorities are being given luxury household goods while whites get nothing as usual.

Schools were threatened with closure if they failed to promote race relations. It didn’t matter if they were actually getting the children good grades because race relations comes before education.

If you want lower tax rates it’s best to have low amounts of immigration seeing as immigration is going to be the cause of higher taxes. It’s just a pity that we won’t raise taxes to help the elderly heat their homes but we will raise taxes to give 92,000 immigrants benefits.

Mr Blair… uh… I mean Mr Cameron the Blair clone tried to woo the Muslim vote by staying with a Muslim family. They had a great time. They even spent time at a pub. No one told Cameron that Muslims don’t drink alcohol.

As the elections and the anti BNP propaganda ended we found that atleast some of the propaganda was false when we found that racially motivated crime in Dagenham had actually fallen.

The government again showed that they just weren’t up to the job when they started rewarding violent asylum seekers by allowing them to stay in the country. It’s just a pity they weren’t allowing people in who deserve it like Tul Bahadur Puhn who won the Victoria Cross.

Leaving the wonderful little topic of multiculturalism now we find that Blair announced his leaving date which can’t come soon enough. It’s just a pity we have to have Brown in charge of the country. Atleast he is coming up with ideas that already exist and not being original. The damage that could be done by his originality just isn’t worth thinking about.

Police were shown to be driven by targets and not actually dealing with real crime after we found that they were arresting people for stupid things. Could this be the reason why criminals sometimes face fines while their victims are punished.

UAF showed again why they were defenders of totalitarianism when they demonstrated against the democratic election that saw Sadie Graham elected. There were also more protests against the election of BNP candidates. Someone should tell them that this is how democracy works. Atleast some MPs believe in BNP policies.

MP’s were shown how self serving they are when they voted to exempt themselves from the freedom of information act. MPs are always trying to get out of things that make them look bad so it comes as no surprise that the government lied to us about the number of murderers and paedophiles on the loose in Britain. They also decided that they wouldn’t be deporting 3000 criminals because the EU won’t allow them.

Prisons have been shown to be places that criminals do not need to fear before so it came as no surprise to learn that criminals can pick their own cell and they don’t have to pay rent unlike Warren Blackwell who had to pay board and lodge even though he was found innocent of the crime he committed. I wonder if he enjoyed his personal trainer which prisoners are allowed to have at taxpayers expense?

That is all for this month but it does make depressing reading when lumped together.

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