Tuesday, June 12, 2007

BNP cabal gets involved

Day 7 of the Blogpower vote sees some very strange things happening. Apparently a sinister cabal of freemasons… uh... I mean BNP members are trying to rig the poll on a small contest held by Blogpower. Crushed By Insoc alleges that the Bournemouth Nationalist attempted to intimidate him by hacking his blog. I don’t believe it but if it is true he has explaining to do. That’s now how BNPers work.

James also got in on it. I swear Blogpower are more paranoid than Alexander Litvinenko and he had reason to be paranoid.

Apparently it strange that the Bournemouth Nationalist is commenting on posts at Blogpower given that he said he had no interest in the awards at all.

James also goes onto say:

What I have not revealed is the two BNP insiders who are feeding me info and that's why my anger of last night and that's why I acted with such disgust.

Damn… we’ve been rumbled. The largest conspiracy ever has been destroyed by 2 informants. Death to the informants!

How likely is it that the entire online BNP world has a scheme going on to get UKN&P voted for when he doesn’t vote BNP? If this is happening I am kinda pissed that I have not been invited to join this sinister cabal of BNPers that support conservative blogs. DAMN YOU SINISTER BNP CABAL!


Ian Appleby said...

Strange days, indeed. YDKM, your link to CBI's post is knackered - looks like the URL should probably end in .html - easily done, but under the circumstances...

I'm surprised to see a British Nationalist using Americanisms - 'kinda pissed', indeed...

youdontknowme said...

Its fixed.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I think you should know by now, I don't go making silly allegations.

I have no doubt that you yourself would never do such a thing.

The strange link that I refer to was seen by another blogger aside from myself. Indeed, if that hadn't been the case, I might have clicked it myself.

Now there are too possible interpretations.

a. It was as sinister as I allege.
b. It was accidental on the part of BN and he meant to do something else.

The fact that the hyperlinked message read 'Good Morning Fellow Nazis' was sinister in itself.

I don't apologise for taking an anti-BNP line. It's not done personally. Nor should Bloggers attack people when they should be attacking ideas- not even that- debating them.

I understand that passions are running high in this dispute.
And when people get angry, we can't just shout at eachother or punch eachother, because we are not in the same place.
a. We shouldn't put that anger into worse behaviour.
b. We shouldn't even get to that stage in the first place.

I do hope that we're not all carrying on like this in a weeks time. I don't mind saying, I like a good fight, but not when the knives are out.

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

Here's the link I posted on Crushed By Insoc blog

Good Morning My Fellow Nazis

I suppose it's possible I got it wrong as it was late at night, but the evidence has now been deleted so we'll never know and like cases in law, if there is no evidence there is no case to answer.

No there are three possible conclusions

1. I typed the link wrong and it was redirected, doubtful but possible

2. Ingsoc is as paranoid as he appears to be

3. The link touched a nerve and it was deleted by Ingsoc deliberatley

Whatever might be said no harm was intended, for me it's just a bit of fun although it's quite apparent that is sadly lacking on BP at the moment as these awards obviously mean a lot to some.

Good luck YDKM I hope you do well although I can still say hand on heart I haven't voted I've just found it all amusing, disturbing, childish, frankly all a bit bizarre which is probably why my interest in it hasn't wained yet

Oh well see you all tonight

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

BN, I was not the only blog to see your link. It did genuinely lead to the dashboard of the logged in blogger. I deleted in the belief itwas a sinister booby trap of some kind.

Another blogger has since e mailed me and explained how a faulty link could have acheived that.

In which case, I am prepared to believe no ill intent.

I am not a Labour party member, by the way.

james higham said...

I swear Blogpower are more paranoid than Alexander Litvinenko and he had reason to be paranoid.

As do I have good reason - very, very good reason and the BNP know what I know but they ain't sayin' nuffin'.

youdontknowme said...

I wish we did know what you know and if we were planning to take over the world starting with the blogpower awards we could change our ways to be more covert.