Monday, June 11, 2007

Queen Elizabeth II Abdicates

For at least half a century the British people have been kept in ignorance of their Constitution. Many people believe we do not have one, others that we do but it is not written. Consequently most people do not know the identity of the leader of the nation. The majority assume it is the Prime Minister, a delusion some Prime Ministers have openly encouraged especially of late. If this was so, between Parliaments, which are after all temporary and ephemeral, there would be no national leader and no governance, but this is not the case, because the official Governor and leader of the nation is constant, and is of course the Monarch, with whom we, the people, have a contract.

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Gracchi said...

I'm afraid the argument of the post you link to is completely wrong. There is a problem firstly with the term unconstitutional since there is no written constitution- John Selden a seventeenth century lawyer for instance concluded that in England Parliament could do as it wished ignoring any other rule. That includes altering its own composition- which has been done many times from 1832 onwards. As to treason in giving away sovereignty to other nations- where does that place the Acts of Union of 1707 and 1801- the point is that the British constitution is an evolutionary document and there is nothing treasonous about the behaviour of BRitish governments in entering the EU and it would be pretty odd if it was given that the origins of the constitution lie in an era where the Kings of England thought that their most important lands were in France.