Friday, June 08, 2007

Race riots coming to a town near you

Race riots could erupt in rural towns and villages with large numbers of Eastern European immigrants, a Government report will warn.

A special commission says community tensions are now more likely to overheat in rural areas than northern mill towns with a history of troubles.

Councils will be told they must draw up integration plans if they are to ward off civil disturbance.

Isn’t large scale immigration grand? What exactly are the benefits of it? From what I can see the only benefits are seen by big businessmen. If their business can’t survive without immigrants I say GOOD! If they are not employing Brits I couldn’t care less if their business survives.


alanorei said...

This is the real picture. I was informed on Mr Chalk's blog that the Poles were coming in to take professional jobs.

But this can only be a minority.

There is a related problem, in that these EEuropeans are likely to be heftier than Asians - our older lad who has friends in Serbia has described how physically big the Serbs often are, with their high-protein diet -and considerably more intelligent than Blacks.

I do not know how our 'diversity' prone police service will cope.

If it does kick off, it will be like the Miners' Strike of '84. The number of sturdy police "working class boys," as one of them described himself and his colleagues and who made up the bulk of the police lines in those days, could well be a bit thin on the ground.

And what is likely to happen when foreign workers, now lowly paid, discover that they are in fact entitled to higher wages, in any kind of employment where these have been negotiated and agreed between unions and management?

That could spark off a few riots as well.

Blog Editor said...

Race riots in rural districts have already taken place. In 2005 about 50 migrant of various nationalities working in the agricultural sector were involved in a riot in the idilic town of Evesham. The riot was thought to have inspired by some ancient fued between two of the nationalities concerned.

BirminghamBNP (BirminghamBNP Blogspot)

alanorei said...

Blog Editor said:

The riot was thought to have inspired by some ancient fued between two of the nationalities concerned.

Oh, great. They bring those with them as well.