Saturday, June 30, 2007

Brown brings in outsiders

Gordon Brown has added more non-Labour Party faces to his ministerial line-up.

Former Metropolitan Police chief Lord Stevens becomes his international security adviser.

Former Navy chief Sir Alan West joins the Home Office as a security minister and former CBI chief Sir Digby Jones will be trade promotion minister.

Dewsbury's Muslim MP Shahid Malik has joined Brown's new team as junior minister for international development.

Senior Lib Dems Baroness Neuberger and Lord Lester will also become advisers, and more appointments are expected later.

I hope you all know he isn’t doing this so that he can get help from all over. He is doing it because the Labour party suffers from a chronic lack of skills. Just look at the cabinet and see that. Why is Milliband the foreign secretary when he fucked up the Environment agency? Those farm payments weren’t exactly a success? Why do we have Jacqui Smith an ex whip as home secretary? She couldn’t exactly stop all those rebellions even if they weren’t successful. Why is Des Browne not just Minister of Defence but also Scottish Secretary? Doesn’t the military deserve a full time minister especially with all the cockups going on? Why do we have an ex postman as health secretary? Is he going to try and deliver success (bad pun)? Why is Tessa Jowell still in charge of the Olympics? Has she done enough for them?

The Labour party is basically a skill-less party. Gordon Brown is the only one to realise this which is why he is going outside the Labour party.

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