Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tony Blair commits treason

TONY Blair was today accused of caving in to
France over free trade as he reached a bungled deal on the EU treaty.

European leaders finally agreed on wording for the document at 5am this morning.

But as part of the reform package - which hands control of 51 more policy areas to Brussels - the outgoing Prime Minister cut a deal with the French to wipe the Common Market’s founding principle from the European Union’s aims.

His surprise climbdown came after all-night wrangling from European leaders over the wide-ranging treaty, which is expected to massively extend Euro meddling.

Wasn’t a common free trade market one of the reasons that Europhiles gave for staying in the EU? If that has gone what reasons do we have for staying in the EU?

Why has Blair decided that we must give more power to the EU without even consulting the British people? This is treason and I hope he is hung from the nearest lamppost by Brown. That would make me vote Labour in the next election.

The story claims Brown was furious. I think they are just playing for the cameras. If he was truly furious he would give us a referendum when he becomes Prime Minister.

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Anonymous said...

Thank God Im not alone. This treasonous scum must be arrested by any british citizen and tried for treason I am serious. How dare this filth sespit scumbag undo 1000 years of hard slog and countlees millions of Brave Men and Women just to hand it all on aplate to the very people that have tried so hard to exterminate us. What a piece of trash .

Britian is our Nation Blair you utter bastard. What gives you the right to give our armed forces to our enemies who are unelected & unaccountable. What is a an unelected President of Europe? Remind me ? A DICTATOR . Scum .You want my family our nation to be exterminated as enslaved race? I remenber a song that says we will never be slaves DO YOU UNDERSTAND. You have lit the tinder box .Right always prevails no matter what the cost .
Guess what N.W.O. I want TO DIE for MY Country & Nation & my family. UNDERSTAND OUR UTTER DEVOTION TO DEFEAT YOU .What a complete vomit inducing scumbag you are. I have read your CFR bokks and Pampllets. We are insects are we? Want to cull us do we? Oh dear oh dear what a misclaculation. We will have LIBERTY . DEATH TO TYRANTS MR.NWO we have law on our side .Treason is the most vile crime you piece of filth. Hanging a traitor isnt a crime last time I looked it was rewarded. Bush Chaney Blair Rothschild etc etc We will hunt you down for ever by the LAW of THIS UNITED KINGDOM .I answer to no foregn dictator or their henchmen or their bulshit Euro Laws .

Prepare for our British response.

I will love Britain forever you Satanic pope kissing Traitor.