Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blogpower vote closed

The Blogpower polls closed 1 hour ago after an intense week of campaigning. Sources inside Santas workshop say they wish to be left alone to grieve for Santa and some of the Reindeer. We have heard that they recently received a letter saying 4 of the reindeer have been made into dog food. Sant's body was found in a Weight Watchers meeting in Plymouth We have no idea if this is to encourage fatties to stop eating so much or whether the murderer just didn't know where else to put the body. Maybe he thought the fatties would 'dispose' of the body?

The polls were dogged by accusations of vote fixing by a blog linked to a party. We can reveal that the blog in question was linked to the Conservatives. BOO CONSERVATIVES! HISSSS!

Whatever happened we have no idea whether James Higham will take on the role of elections administrator next year as he was seen being dragged from his home by people in white coats. Witnesses say he was suffering from a mental breakdown caused by the voting and the amount of sissies that complained. We at Central News wish James a fast recovery and remind him that he has to take his pills but not too many.

It wasn’t all bad news. Central news came joint third in the Award for Services to Blogging. We thank everyone that voted for us.

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