Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dogs receive better food than soldiers

The Army spends more feeding its dogs than its soldiers, it has been claimed.

Figures obtained by a Tory MP show that £1.51 a day goes on meals for troops, compared with £2.63 for military dogs.

Even prisoners – who cost £1.87 a day to feed – fare better than servicemen.

When are we going to start treating our soldiers like heroes instead of treating them worse than the scum of the earth? Is it any wonder we have a shortage of people willing to join the army when they are treated like crap?

Hat tip: Theo Spark

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alanorei said...

"Horses, and even dogs, received far more attention and better treatment during that trying campaign than the poor sick and wounded men" - Timothy Gowing 7th Foot, the Royal Fusiliers, Voice From The Ranks, A Sergeant-major's account of the Crimean campaign, p 58.

There's nothing really 'new' about nulab, same gaggle of self-seeking opportunists.

Maybe they got transported here in the Tardis?