Thursday, June 28, 2007

Criminals could get easier sentences

VIOLENT yobs convicted of attempted murder will face shorter sentences under law chiefs’ latest soft ­justice proposals.

Thugs who attack police officers could also escape with as little as a fine under plans unveiled yesterday by the ­controversial Sentencing Guidelines Council (SGC).

The SGC, chaired by Lord Phillips, the country’s most senior judge, issues sentencing guidelines for courts and judges.

It has already faced criticism for proposing soft penalties for sex attackers and muggers. Its latest consultation document proposes reducing the recommended jail term for attempted murder from half that served for murder to only 40 per cent.

The body also sparked outrage by suggesting a yob who carries out a “spontaneous” assault on a police officer but causes no injury should face no more than a community order or a fine.

Even a thug who carries out a “sustained assault” and injures an officer but leaves no lasting damage could get away with a community penalty.

What is this country coming to? There are millions of crimes every year. How will this encourage criminals to stop if they will probably be let off?

We need tougher sentences and not sentences that are basically a slap on the wrist. New Labour knew we were going to have a shortage of prison places years ago yet did nothing. They are to blame for the rising crime.

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