Thursday, June 28, 2007

Polish immigrants send £1 billion home

Polish immigrants sent home almost £1billion in the first three months of this year, it has been revealed

The cash taken out of the UK economy would otherwise have been spent in shops, restaurants and other businesses here.

The figures, compiled by the National Bank of Poland, showed that £1.1 billion was sent back from Western Europe to family members living in the former Eastern Bloc country since January.

More than three-quarters of the total is thought to be from Britain, where the majority of Polish migrants moved following the expansion of the EU in 2004.

This means that the total siphoned out of the UK economy is somewhere between £825 million and £1 billion - a rise of around a quarter on the same period last year.

Well that busts the myth that they are good for the economy. All it shows is that they are good for big business and not good for the country at all. It also shows that Labour only wants them for the votes. They wouldn’t be in power now if it wasn’t for the immigrants.

The only thing good for our economy is having British workers employed in British factories spending British money in British shops.

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