Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Britain: biggest terror threat to US

Britain now presents a greater security threat to the United States than Iran or Iraq, an American magazine said yesterday.

In an article on Islamists headlined "Kashmir on the Thames", the New Republic painted Britain's Muslim communities as a breeding ground for violent extremism.

Citing recent opinion poll evidence suggesting that one in four British Muslims believed that last year's London Tube bombings were justified, the magazine said: "In the wake of this month's high-profile arrests, it can now be argued that the biggest threat to US security emanates not from Iran or Iraq or Afghanistan, but rather from Great Britain, our closest ally."

All clap and thank Blair and the rest of the traitors who have allowed this to happen. Since 1945 every leader we have had should have been hung from the nearest lamppost for treason.

When the BNP get elected they should punish every person that has had anything to do with the destruction of Britain. Every politician an ex politician still alive today should have ALL their assets seized and used to pay for what has happened to Britain. Those big businessmen that wanted more and more immigration should have 33% of their assets seized and the rest frozen. The rest will remain frozen in banks the government should completely control the spending of those people including buying and selling habits. If they start being loyal to Britain and employing British workers for a fair price their finances will stay frozen but if they don’t their property will be seized and they will be left to live on the streets.

Those media personalities, trade unionists and multiculturalists who were involved in the destruction will have part of their assets seized and a choice of leaving the country and giving up citizenship or having all of their assets seized.

This will work you see. Want to know why? Well all the above people care about is money. If they are threatened with having them seized they will change.

This is not enough though. The Muslims will still be here so we will need to get rid of those. In earlier posts I have suggested changes to the law but that is not enough. 40% of the Muslims living in this country live in London and London is overpopulated therefore we should have a 1 child policy in areas where there is a lot of overpopulation including London.

We should also make Muslims pay an extra tax to take care of their own population from paying for their prisoners to paying for their social security (child welfare, unemployment etc)

We then offer them money to leave. With the changes made they will hopefully find Britain so unbearable that they will take up our offer to leave and take the money offered.

If they aren’t willing to take the money we change the law describing anyone British to ‘Anyone with British citizenship who has loyalty to Britain before anything else’. Once a Muslim criminal is sentenced and it is proven that they have loyalty to Islam before Britain they will immediately be deported to whichever country is willing to take them off our hands for money, say £10,000 per person which is a lot for a poor country especially if they take thousands.

My opinions may seem harsh but the only way to deal with impending doom is through harsh ways.

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