Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Punish the water companies

We all know that the water companies put profits before people which is why they don’t even try to fix all the leaks. It is time something was done. The government has no intention of nationalising the water companies so I have come up with a second best option.

The government should fix the leaks themselves. You are probably thinking that would play into the hands of the companies aims of just getting more money but it wont. The government should charge the water companies double what it cost them to fix every single leak that they fix plus a service charge plus a high fine for not doing it themselves.

This would be good for everyone. It would mean that the leaks are fixed and that those plumbers that are unemployed would get a job because the government would be employing them. It would also get a bit more money for the government and get the water companies to get their act together as who would want all that money going when they could spend less than half that and fix the leakages themself?

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