Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Time to change the prisons

Liberals are constantly saying that prison does not work. When did they ever give prison a chance to work? How can prison work if you are giving them Play Stations and Skytv?

If we want prisons to work we have to get rid of all the luxuries and make it so that prison can reform as well as punish.

First prisons should be segregated on the basis of race then the wings of those prisons should be segregated based on religions so there is no bullying going on to make people change their religion or beating someone up because they are of a different colour.

Also if they have AIDs they should be segregated away from the general prison population so they cannot infect others. Prisoners should have weekly AIDs tests to see if they have AIDs (don’t kid yourself sex goes on between inmates)

After that has happened the sentences that prisoners get should be the very minimum they will receive. After their official sentence is up they can be sentenced to longer if a prison board decides that they may re-offend or while in prison they have committed illegal acts or have been un-co-operative. They can get a maximum of 50% of their previous sentence. This means if you get 10 years in jail you can get a maximum of 5 years. If you are still seen as a problem after that you can get 30 months and it keeps going like that so in the end that prisoner who served 10 years could end up serving another 20 years if he is very un-co-operative but this is improbable and if that happens he obviously shouldn’t be let out anyway.

The way to test if they will do it again would be to see if they want to take part in any educational classes. If they don’t want to then they obviously don’t want to learn new skills which would stop them from going back to a life of crime.

In prison they will also be asked if they want to take part in manual labour and to give blood. Getting prisoners to give blood is a fantastic idea. The National Blood Service says it needs 9,000 donations a day to treat patients.

That 9000 donations should be easy to get as we have 70,000 prisoners in our prisons. If we got them to give blood once per week that would give an extra 1000 donations which we won’t need plus the voluntary donations from the general public. This would give us a lot of excess blood, possibly double what we need. This would allow us to sell a percentage of what we didn’t need to foreign countries. The rarer the blood the more expensive it would be.

If they don’t do manual labour or give blood then they will be classed as un-co-operative.

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