Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Scotland Yard to arrest Blair?

SCOTLAND Yard was drawn into the alleged "cash for honours" scandal today to investigate complaints that Labour broke the law.

The Metropolitan Police's specialist crime directorate has launched a probe into the alleged sale of peerages by the Labour Party - after receiving three complaints over suspected breaches of a 1925 law.

Scottish National Party MP Angus MacNeil complained to Met Commissioner Sir Ian Blair and the Director of Public Prosecutions last week after it was revealed that several wealthy individuals had been nominated for peerages after giving Labour loans running into millions of pounds.

I don't know anything about this law but if Scotland Yard are on the case it must be an arrestable offence with (hopefully) jail time. Lets hope Blair finally gets what he deserves, a couple of years in jail sharing a cell and becoming his cell mate's bitch. I doubt anything serious will happen though. There will just be an investigation and nothing will come of it.

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