Sunday, March 19, 2006

Whose side are they on?

DIPLOMATS stalled the hunt for the killers of six Red Caps in Iraq because they wanted to be politically correct and save the savages from the gallows.

They blocked Army cops from handing Iraqi authorities vital case files that identified the culprits — so there would be no arrests.

Foreign Office bosses insisted the 18-month delay was necessary to prevent the barbaric tribesmen from facing the death penalty as that would breach THEIR human rights.

A deal done behind closed doors last year means the killers can now only face life in jail. The files on them were handed over at that time.

The delay in the investigation into the massacre almost three years ago now means families may never see justice.

It has given key suspects for the horrendous crime time to flee and made it far harder to secure any convictions in court as witnesses’ recall of events will have diminished.

Whose side are these dipomats on? Why should those murdering savages have the liberty of any human right especially the right of life? They didnt exactly live up to the same standards when it came to the human rights of our soldiers.

Those diplomats that stalled the hunt for the killers should be arrested for murder and helping criminals to escape and whatever else they can think up. After that the diplomats should be rounded up and lynched from the nearest lampost.

This is definately a new low for the leaders of this country. Will political correctness ever be destroyed?

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