Saturday, March 18, 2006

Who is really frustrating the will of the people?

MPs are locked in a twin stand-off with the House of Lords over identity cards and anti-terrorism laws.

Peers have three times defeated the government over proposals to force all passport applicants to get ID cards.

But MPs have again reversed the defeats as Home Secretary Charles Clarke told opponents to stop "frustrating the will of the people".

How are they 'frustrating the will of the people'? I am pretty sure that in the Labour party manifesto they said ID cards would be voluntary and not compulsory. The Lords are just trying to get Labour to do what they promised in their manifesto which the Lying Labour party have no intention of doing.

The Labour party are the ones frustrating the will of the people and the Lords should continue to vote against the plans until Labour go back to the manifesto commitments.

You know this is why we need manifestos to be contracts. That way our governments couldn't lie to us and get away with it.

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