Monday, May 19, 2008

Ban abortion?

Thousands of women have had at least four abortions, and scores of teenagers have notched up their third, official figures have revealed.

Nearly 4,000 women have had four or more terminations, and dozens have had eight or more.

The Department of Health figures show that in 2006, 947 women had their fifth abortion, 192 were on their sixth, 110 had their seventh abortion, while 54 had their eight, ninth or tenth abortion.

I used to be a supporter of abortion but I am not so sure I can support it anymore. If women can’t take responsibility for their actions they should not be having sex. I can see why they would have one abortion but there is no reason to have more than 1 and it’s unacceptable that some women are on their fourth.

If you don’t want a baby you should keep your legs closed and your knickers on. Abortion is not a form of contraception and those who have more than 1 abortion are nothing but sluts. There is no reason for it.

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