Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Criminal justice twilight zone

Welcome to the criminal twilight zone where bad people don’t go to jail for their crimes and good people get fined.

If you have a balloon don’t accidentally drop it and let it fly off into the distance or you will be fined £50 by petty bureaucrats who have nothing better to do.

Yes you read that correctly, a Max Twizell 16 year old boy could be faced with having criminal record all because he dropped balloon and allowed it to fly off in the distance while Christopher Smith will not serve any prison time for the crime he committed thanks to a legal loophole.

Christopher Smith (20) led police on a 30-minute chase in the early hours of March 8 this year - at one point, driving over a speed bump at 60mph and hitting it with such force that the car flipped over, Grimsby Crown Court heard.

He also drove the wrong way down one-way streets, over mini-roundabouts and at one point was travelling at 70mph in an area with a 30mph speed limit.

Don’t you just love our legal system which allows a 16 year old to be harassed while a repeat offender doesn’t even get a fine?

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