Thursday, May 29, 2008

EU getting desperate

The EU and Labour have shown yet again what a load of fascists they are. Labour MEP Richard Corbett has begun a motion in the European Parliament to silence any type of dissent and opposition to the European Union.

His plan is to make it tougher for euro realist MEPs to come together to form a group. His reasoning is ”it would prevent single issue politicians from being given undue support”. I am sure he realises that the euro realist MEPs were probably elected for the sole reason of being single issue politicians. Why else would anti EU politicians ever be elected to the European Parliament?

That’s not all that this fascist wants to do. Mr Corbett’s proposals will also give the President of the Parliament sweeping powers to approve or reject parliamentary questions. That means silencing any critics and making sure than anything embarrassing for them doesn’t come out.

These are people that are willing to stop any opposition from even being heard just so that people will think that everything is good in the European Union and everyone thinks the EU is great. They are even willing to threaten countries like Ireland so that their people will vote to adopt a treaty that will completely change the sovereignty of their country.

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