Sunday, May 25, 2008

Is she still brainwashed?

THE departing Mayor of Kirklees has launched a blistering attack on a group of orthodox Muslims for refusing to pose with her in photographs because she was a woman.

Coun Jean Calvert (Lab, Ashbrow) said it proved "we are no further down the road" of women's rights than when she first became a councillor in 1992.

Her comments came in her departing speech as she handed over mayoral duties to Coun Karam Hussain (Lib Dem, Dewsbury West).

This woman still doesn’t get it. "We are no further down the road of women's rights”. YES WE ARE! Does she not understand that it was Muslims that shunned her? It wasn’t anyone else. In Islam there aren’t any women rights. They are worth less than a man.

If she doesn’t understand that now she will never understand it. She will continue to remain a fool.

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