Monday, May 19, 2008

More houses regardless of what locals want

Ministers are plotting to “crash the planning process” for their new eco-towns, restricting the opportunity for residents to object, according to the government’s own expert adviser.

Professor David Lock claims the communities department wants to fast-track the towns, intended to provide environmentally friendly housing. This is despite the government’s public declaration that normal procedures will be followed.

Lock claims Caroline Flint, the housing minister, wants to “cut out a whole lot of processes” to ensure that five of the towns are completed by 2016.

This is yet more proof that the government doesn’t give a crap about what local people want. They will do what the like regardless of what the local people want.

They need these houses so more and more immigrants can swell the population of this country so that their big business friends can become richer. If the BNP were in charge local residents would be able to start a referendum where all local residents would decide if a new town would be built.

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