Friday, May 30, 2008

Ecotowns needed to deal with immigration

needs more homes and the only reason more homes are needed is to deal with immigration. This is why the government is trying to rush through ecotowns. It’s not to be environmentally friendly, concreting over fields and building more homes has never been environmentally friendly.

The government are now trying to rush though new planning laws. Friends of the Earth has been looking at the new laws and has found out what they mean. Read this.

The Planning Bill means that people will have less say about homes that are being built in their area. They will have no right to be heard in person and ministers cannot be held accountable for decisions. This means that the government is trying to silence any opposition to their plans because they know that immigration will be responsible for most of the population growth in this country and it’s the only way to deal with it other than just stopping them coming to the country.

In Skegness the council is about to have a debate about the development of an ecotown. They know that they will have to make some tough decisions, decisions which the public don’t want which is why the local media have been banned from the debate. They don’t want locals to know what is going on.

The thing about more towns is that more towns mean that there is a greater demand for energy. More people also means there is a greater demand for energy. It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain. A few days ago there was a blackout when half a million homes lost power. Think this is an isolated incident? For now it is but Britain is about to face more blackouts in the future because our power stations cannot cope with the present demand. More people will just mean that there will be even more power cuts.

People like me have been saying for years that we should have less people in this country and now people will begin to understand why when their lights go off and they can’t keep themselves warm during the winter. You have Labour to thank for it.

Hat tip: Home of The Green Arrow

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