Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MPs try to hide their expenses again

MPs expenses have finally been revealed after a legal battle lasting years.

The claims show that our leaders have been taking us for mugs. Some expenses are probably genuine and I feel that they should have claimed them, however most MPs are taking the mick.

Why did Gordon Brown claim for everything from a £372 subscription to SkyTV and £4,471 to smarten up his kitchen? That is a very expensive kitchen but it’s nothing compared to what Tony Blair spent on his kitchen (£10,600).

If Gordon Brown wanted to have SkyTV and to smarten up his kitchen he should have paid for it out of his own money and not take from the taxpayer.

Now that the public know what is going on MPs are trying to think of new ways to cheat and con us out of money. One way they are considering is giving themselves a grant of £23,000 per year, no questions asked which means no receipts which means we won’t have a clue what they are spending the money on which is just the way they like it. The thing is not all MPs spend their full allowance of £23,000 but with this new system they will be given it anyway which will cost a lot more.

Should MPs be taking the taxpayer for a ride when the lower paid are struggling to cope with record food prices which have made the average food bill rise £700 in the past year. Come on MPs. Show a bit of compassion.

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