Thursday, May 29, 2008

More tax to pay for better police

A tax on every household to pay for neighbourhood policing will be proposed by ministers next month.

The 'community safety levy' will be charged by directly- elected local police boards and the cash will have to be spent on making each area's streets safer.

The Home Office claims the levy will dramatically increase accountability, but critics fear it could play on the public's need to see more bobbies on the beat and lead to large increases in taxation.

Why can’t there be more police now? Why does there have to be yet another tax to fund a service that is crap now? If the government thinks we should be taxed more they should show that they can be trusted with the money we have or it’s just going to go into a black hole and will just be wasted.

At the moment we have police that can’t even arrest wanted criminals because there is no room in the prisons to accommodate any more criminals and this is also leading to more criminals having time taken off their sentences and released early. This includes foreign prisoners who have abused our hospitality.

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