Monday, May 26, 2008

The EU wants even more control

If anyone doubts the power of the European Union over Britain they are not paying attention. Past government have repeatedly betrayed Britain and allowed the EU to make more and more decisions that affect us which we have no say over.

A proposed European directive could shut down some of our much needed power stations and result in widespread blackouts. Those of us paying attention know why the EU is doing this. The disgraceful thing is that our corrupt and treacherous government will allow them to do it.

They are doing it because Britain is waking up and seeing what a terrible decision it is to be part of the EU. People want out and the only way the EU can keep us if we can’t fend for ourselves. At the moment we don’t need the EU and they know this. If we needed them for our energy requirements we would not be able to leave and even if we did leave they would make us regret it.

The EU are now even trying to control our police and have a single European police. After this Parliament will just be a talking shop, unable to influence the police or tell them what to do. Whatever the government says they will do about crime they won’t do because the power will no longer be with Parliament. The power will be with the EU and our politicians won’t be able to do anything about it, not that the traitors will want to of course. They despise Britain and want to see it as just like a state in the USA but with even less power to decide things for the benefit of Britain.

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