Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Muslims control the prisons

Muslims have a lot of power in this country. Our leaders kiss their feet and if we don’t like what they do we are labelled islamophobic and hauled before the courts. If we are sent to prison we soon find that Muslims even have control in there, more so than even the prison officers.

Whitemoor Prison is a maximum security prison that holds 500 inmates, a third of which are Muslim. According to the government’s own reports the prison officers are losing control of the prison to gangs of Muslims who are also being radicalised.

Whitemoor isn’t the only prison where it seems that Muslims have the upper hand. In Belmarsh the prison governors would rather take the word of burglar than Chris Langridge, a prison officer who has served at Britain’s top high-security jail. The Muslim accused Chris Langridge of naming his sniffer dog Allah while he says he named it Ali.

Of course the criminal’s word was taken above a law abiding officer and now the law abiding officer has been transferred to he Isle of Sheppey. That’s the thanks he gets for being a law abiding citizen and keeping sure the prisoners are kept in check.

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