Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Greenbelt to be built on to cope with immigration

Towns and cities in southern
England will have to squeeze in hundreds of thousands of extra homes for new migrants, according to official figures.

The Government has been forced to revise the figures upwards after reviewing its predictions for where immigrants will settle.

It says that fewer will live and work in London than previously thought, with more choosing to go to suburban and countryside areas in the southern half of the country.

Homes will have to be found for an extra 30,000 families a year in the East of England, according to the updated figures from the Department of Communities and Local Government.

And how will these new homes be built on the limited land we have? The green beltland will of course have to be sacrificed to accommodate the millions of immigrants that come here.

Why can’t people understand that being against large scale immigration is environmentally friendly? Large scale immigration is unsustainable and damages the environment. We should be decreasing our population and not increasing it.

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Rastaman said...

This doesn't stop because the people in power in your country are making fortunes from the continued housing development, and therefor promote continued immigration. You can't get them voted out because they control your media, therefor the propaganda you're bathed in 24/7, plus they control the ballot boxes. By taking your guns away they control your ability to revolt and by controlling your economy they can create any crisis they wish to divert your attention.

The government that is devoted to the welfare of the people hasn't been invented yet.