Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Government fakes appreciation for military

The government is trying to fake appreciation for our armed services by saying they will make it an offence to discriminate against military personnel. The government also say a new bank holiday will be created for the military

Of course none of this will change a damn thing. If the government wanted the public to show respect to the military the government would actually show them respect but they don’t. Do you think the government are showing either the armed forces or the country as a whole any respect when they are considering sharing aircraft carriers with France so that we can have a navy? What’s next, sharing our army with France?

If the government showed respect to the armed forces they would actually give them the money to train recruits to use basic equipment and give them ambulances big enough so that medics can have the room to actually save lives.

The government won’t give the military what they need because they couldn’t care less about our military. The government just likes to make noises and give the illusion they are doing something. If they truly wanted soldiers to be treated well they would lead by example. Unfortunately the government is leading by example but not by treating them well.

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