Monday, May 19, 2008

News roundup 62

Hepatitis B rise leads to migrant screening call. Or we could just stop anymore immigration…

Children are so obese that surgeons are giving breast reductions to schoolboys. I blame the parents…

Police seize weapons including guns from schools. Labour is such a success

Crooked mayor faces jail. What a surprise.

Gypsys’ £20m housing bonanza. I sure hope these people don’t travel a lot so they can enjoy it…

‘Fewer hurricanes’ as world warms. So global warming is a good thing?

Waste mounts as £100 billion web of Quangos duplicates work. Half of the Quangos could probably be scrapped.

Harman announces taskforce to increase black asian and minority ethnic women councillors. Isn’t there enough anti white discrimination? Isn’t operation black vote enough?

Brown lightens up dour image with his own YouTube site. He must be getting desperate.

University logo cost soars to £360,000. The logo isn’t even that good. They shouldn’t have wasted their money.

UK migration data ‘not fit for purpose’. Is anything fit for purpose under Labour?

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